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Who we are

Ariel Renous and Roy Wellner, two lifelong friends with a passion for business, started their educational journey in a renowned European business school. They quickly realized there was a disconnect: many of their instructors were academics that lacked real-world experience.

Frustrated by the offering, they saw a genuine need for a new kind of business education, one that was in tune with the demands of today's professionals and taught by those with firsthand experience in business.

That was the seed from which Augment grew. Partnering with experts in business education and world-class entrepreneurs from companies like Wikipedia, YouTube, Waze, and Shazam, they crafted an innovative MBA program. 

Augment’s approach is to reshape education by leveraging online tools to offer high-quality business knowledge straight from the minds of our brightest business leaders. 

Our teachers don’t just study the market - they define it. 

With the support of eminent investors, Augment stands poised to democratize access to top-tier business education. We are committed to empowering ambitious professionals across the globe with knowledge that is both accessible and exceptional.

What we do

You will spend an average of 80,000 hours of your life working. 

Studying business is critical for skill development and career advancement. Not doing it could cost you a lot over the course of a lifetime.

Augment cuts through the noise. We’re about real skills, real growth, real success.

Whether you’re looking for a promotion, to launch a venture, or to just build your wealth - Augment's got you covered. 

Our MBA is laser-focused on what works in the business world: no fluff, all substance.

Our syllabus? The real-world business battleground.

Our textbook? The experience of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives.

The Augment MBA is your toolkit for the trade. Understand business models, get success-proven frameworks, draft killer plans, win your customers, lead your team to victory, 

The unmatched depth, premium quality, world-class mentors, and unrivaled flexibility of our next generation MBA make it the perfect choice in business education.

Learn today. Lead tomorrow. That's Augment.


Augment brings together hundreds of innovators and self-starters who are eager to take the next step. Originating from 30+ countries, our community is thriving both online and through in-person events.

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Earn a business certificate to stand out

Earn a recognized certificate upon completion and prove your business credentials on your resume and LinkedIn.

The world’s greatest CEOs and Entrepreneurs love Augment. Here’s why.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the entry requirements?

    We care more about your drive than your past studies or job experience. Primarily, we look at your motivation and willingness to apply the knowledge in your daily life. There’s no need to have a co-founder or a business idea to apply either.

  • What if my application isn’t successful?

    This is usually because we didn’t sense enough motivation to commit to the MBA program. If this happens, we encourage you to try again in a few weeks or months.

  • I work full-time, is this program for me?

    Yes, most of our students work full-time. We designed Augment to be completely online and self-paced. Our program works around your busy schedule, with most students making a 20-40-minute daily commitment.

  • How long does the program take to complete?

    The Augment MBA is self-paced, so completion times vary. Most students take between 4 and 6 months to finish the program.

  • An MBA for $2,450? What’s the catch?

    Our independence from traditional academic institutions and accreditation bodies means we have much more flexibility than traditional MBA programs. Our mission is to make premium business education accessible by making it as affordable as possible.

  • Does Augment Offer Financial Aid?

    Augment offers financial aid to highly motivated individuals who lack the financial resources to access our program. Ask your admissions advisor to learn more or write us at:

  • Is Augment more than just video lessons?

    Yes. About one-third of our program consists of video lectures. There is also written text , visualizations, case studies, interactive quizzes, downloadable handbooks, events, and more.

  • Is the Augment MBA accredited?

    No, and we have no intention of seeking accreditation. An accredited Master’s Degree comes with many constraints and expenses — that’s what we’re working against. Instead, we provide graduates with the Augment MBA certificate, signed by Chris Barton, the Founder of Shazam.

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    Yes. All students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked.

  • Does Augment offer networking opportunities?

    Yes! By enrolling in our program, you’ll join a vibrant global community of ambitious entrepreneurs. The community consists of an in-house platform, a LinkedIn group, as well as weekly virtual and in-person events.

15-day money-back guarantee

All students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked.

The Augment MBA
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Book a 15-minute call with our Program Director to discuss your career goals and what the Augment MBA has to offer.

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