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About Kelly Richmond Pope

Meet Kelly Richmond Pope, a Champion of Business Ethics

Kelly Richmond Pope is at the forefront of both managerial and forensic accounting education. With academic roots at North Carolina A&T State University and Virginia Tech, Pope is unwavering in her mission to spread awareness about financial fraud mechanisms and how to detect them.

Kelly's Pioneering Endeavors

  • Pope's insight and analysis are showcased in her documentary, "All the Queen's Horses", which investigates the intricacies of a major municipal fraud case in American history.
  • Through her TED Talk, "How Whistle-blowers Shape History", Pope enlightens over 1.6 million viewers about the importance and impact of whistle-blowers.
  • Platforms like CNBC, the BBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post often feature Pope for her insights on fraud, risk, and ethical practices.
  • Pope penned "Fool Me Once", a book released by Harvard Business Review Press, offering readers a comprehensive look into real-life fraudulent practices, detailed cases from the industry, and undisclosed mechanisms behind major financial deceptions.