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About Gabriela Hersham

Huckletree Founder Gabriela Hersham Is Reshaping Coworking

Gabriela's foray into the business world began after a stint in acting and film production in New York. It was there, amidst the hustle of the city, that she discovered the transformative power of coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This revelation set her on a path to shape the future of work.

Upon returning to London, Gabriela's entrepreneurial spirit ignited the creation of Huckletree, aiming to combine the best of creativity, technology, and innovation under one roof. These hubs are rich with amenities, catering to every need of their inhabitants, from private studios for focused work to collaborative areas designed to spark connection and round-the-clock innovation. Under Gabriela's stewardship, Huckletree has blossomed from a single site to a dozen hubs located in London, Dublin, and Manchester.