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About Renaud Visage

Meet Renaud Visage, The Architect of Eventbrite's Global Platform

Driven by innovation and adaptability, Renaud Visage exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. His early career in Paris as a civil engineer laid a solid foundation for his pivot into the tech sphere during the dot-com revolution. Renaud's innate curiosity and passion for building were not confined to the physical realm; he extended his expertise into the digital, where he co-founded Eventbrite in 2006. He was instrumental in Eventbrite's global impact, marked by a live world map in their office showcasing real-time ticket sales. Under Renaud's guidance, the company eventually began processing multiple ticket sales per second, a sign of the platform's success and reach. His engineer's precision and vision were integral in scaling the company from a modest startup to its IPO in 2018.