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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I work full-time, is this program for me?

    Yes, most of our students work full-time. The Augment MBA Program is fully online and self-paced. That’s why we designed Augment to work around the schedule of working professionals, and not the other way around. At Augment, we believe that business education should be adapted to the lives of people that work.

  • An MBA for $1750? What's the catch?

    Our independence from official academic institutions and cumbersome accreditation criteria allow us to have a completely different business model from accredited MBA programs. Augment’s mission is to offer an MBA education at only 1% of the cost of traditional MBAs. We can only do so by being independent of all the expensive bureaucracy that surrounds traditional business schools.

  • Is Augment just video lessons?

    No. Our video lectures consist of only ⅓ of our Programs. All Augment Programs also include quizzes, case studies, written assignments, downloadable handbooks.

  • Is Augment accredited?

    No, and we have no intention of seeking accreditation. An accredited Master’s Degree comes with many constraints. That’s everything we’re working against. We do however provide graduates with our Linkedin-ready certificate signed by Chris Barton, the Founder of Shazam.

  • Does Augment offer financial aid?

    We are currently designing a Merit-Based Scholarship Program for highly motivated individuals who lack the financial resources to access our program. To apply, send us your application at

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    Absolutely. All of our students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked. This supports our mission to make quality business education risk-free.