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The Sales Program

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You cannot succeed in business without knowing how to sell. In this program, the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer, will teach you the ins and outs of sales, negotiation, and persuasion - whether you work directly in sales or not.

7 Hours
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Real-World Case Studies

Apply your knowledge with real-world case studies from the King of Sales.

Interactive Learning

Premium video lessons by best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer.


Compliment the online experience with downloadable handbooks.


The Sales Program

Learn the ins and outs of sales, negotiation, and persuasion - whether you work directly in sales or not.

  • 7+


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  • 20 min

    Per day

  1. 01

    The Sales Mindset

    1 modules
    11 lessons

    Sales is 80% attitude and 20% tactics. You must learn to become known as positive, approachable, and trustworthy in order to engage in a positive sales relationship with customers.

    This module covers

    • Understand Why They Buy

    • Become a Trusted Adviser

    • The Power of Attitude

    • Assess Your Belief System

    • Engage Proactively

    • Make Your Difference Clear

    • Earning the Sale

  2. 02

    Understanding the Customer

    2 modules
    3 lessons

    There are three voices that matter in sales: your voice, your customers' voice, and testimonials. Here's a hint: yours matters the least. Learn how to ask the right questions and fight hesitation.

    This module covers:

    • Zappos’ Risk-Reversal Strategy

    • How to Fight Price

    • The Value of Assertiveness

    • Build a Brand

    • Testimonials Done Right

    • Prepare, Then Sell

    • Attract Willing Buyers

  3. 03

    Negotiation Tactics

    13 modules
    8 lessons

    How do negotiate your salary? How do you negotiate your commission? How much is too much? Negotiation is a science - there are rules and frameworks you can apply to get the best out of any negotiation.

    This module covers:

    • Fighting Hesitation

    • Mastering The Call To Action

    • Perfecting Your Pitch

    • Understanding Buying Signals

    • Calculating Leverage


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Sales Professionals

Sell more and build lasting relationships with customers.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Sales is at the core of entrepreneurship, whether it's selling to your customers, your investors or your team.

Senior Professionals

Moving up in your company means being able to generate business. In other words, selling.

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The Sales Program

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I work full-time, is this program for me?

    Yes, most of our students work full-time. The Sales Program is fully online and self-paced. That’s why we designed Augment to work around the schedule of professionals, and not the other way around. At Augment, we believe that business education should be adapted to the lives of people that work.

  • Do I need to have a job in sales?

    No. The Augment Sales Program is fully open-access and benefits a lot of professionals besides sales professionals: entrepreneurs and CEOs, technical leaders and executives.

  • How long does that Sales Program take to complete?

    The program is fully self-paced and is divided into 20+ classes of approximately 20 minutes each. We recommend completing one class per day. In doing so, most students complete the program in 2 weeks.

  • Is Augment just video lessons?

    No. Our video lectures consist of only ⅓ of our Programs. The Sales Program also includes quizzes, case studies, written assignments and downloadable handbooks.

  • Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, we do provide graduates with our LinkedIn certificate signed by Chris Barton, the Founder of Shazam. 

  • How does The Sales Program differ from the Augment MBA Program?

    The Sales Program is the standalone sales module of the Augment MBA Program. The Augment MBA Program is our flagship program and consists of 7 modules: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales, Management, Business Operations and Financial Accounting.

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    Absolutely. All of our students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked. This supports our mission to make quality business education risk-free.

  • Does Augment offer team plans?

    Yes. For team inquiries, contact us directly at

15 day money-back guarantee

All of our students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked.

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