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Huckletree Founder Gabriela Hersham Is Reshaping Coworking

Theo Moret

30 Apr, 2024

1 min read

The modern workspace is an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation. Few understand this better than Gabriela Hersham, co-founder and CEO of Huckletree. From aspiring actress to leader in dynamic workspaces, Gabriela's story is one of adaptability and vision in business.

Meet Gabriela Hersham

Before she stepped in the world of business, Gabriela worked in film production in New York. While living in the city, she discovered the transformative power of coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and an idea was sparked. Upon her return to London, she created Huckletree with the aim of combining the best of creativity, technology, and innovation, all under one roof.

What is Huckletree?

Starting in London's Clerkenwell area in 2014, Huckletree's co-founder Gabriela Hersham envisioned a place where technology and creativity would collide, where entrepreneurs could exchange knowledge and grow alongside one another. Since then, this vision has scaled into a large network with hubs across Manchester and Dublin.

Huckletree spaces don’t simply provide a place to work, but a community. The hubs are filled with amenities, from private studios for focused work to collaborative areas designed to encourage connection and innovation.

3 Highlights from Gabriela's Augment Class

  1. On Onboarding: "Onboarding is the process by which employees go from being ‘newbies’ to becoming indispensable, fully integrated members of the team. When putting together your onboarding process, the choices you make will impact employee retention, learning and performance. In the long term it will contribute to your company’s bottom line. Being good at onboarding new team members will shape the future direction of your company."
  2. On Diversity: "Diverse teams are more creative. How? Multicultural experiences enhance creativity, and when you have different points of view in a team, your outcomes and solutions will be more creative. Having different or even opposing points of view forces teams to consider alternatives and to be creative in the way that they approach problem solving."
  3. On the Startup Ecosystem: "The assumption is that seasoned entrepreneurs don’t need the [startup] ecosystem and the network, but I totally disagree. You can’t build a great business in isolation. Surround yourself with entrepreneurial friends who can share their thoughts and advice on issues ranging from best practice to battling imposter syndrome and exhaustion."
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