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Jeffrey Gitomer: Master of Sales and Personal Development

Theo Moret

1 May, 2024

2 min read

Sales are the lifeline of any business, and few have mastered the art of the sale as well as Jeffrey Gitomer. Through his prolific writing and public speaking engagements, he’s enriched the world of sales at every turn. Learn how his teachings are transforming the future of business.

Meet Jeffrey Gitomer: The Sales Maven

Attending Temple University and later the Goethe-Institut in Berlin, Jeffrey's education was unconventional, but it set the foundation for his astronomical global success. His career spans sales, authorship, and public speaking, all of which showcase his incredible skill at building rich, authentic relationships and fostering customer loyalty.

Highlights from Jeffrey's Career in Sales

  • Jeffrey has written fifteen books — many of which are bestsellers — including "The Sales Bible" and "The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude."
  • "The Little Red Book of Selling," sold over five million copies worldwide and was translated into 14 languages. In it, Gitomer shares that the essence of selling lies in genuine relationships, not mere transactions.
  • Jeffrey also publishes "Sales Caffeine," a weekly e-zine that is distributed internationally to a quarter of a million subscribers. It includes weekly sales strategies, insights, and tips to help salespeople excel in their roles.
  • The Wall Street Journal has praised Gitomer's work for its ethical grounding. According to the publication, his books highlight the importance of selling with heart, and they genuinely cater to their customers' needs.

Jeffrey's Notable Achievements

Jeffrey has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career. Here are a few of his most notable achievements:

  • Gitomer is a renowned public speaker. He’s ranked in the top 1% of non-celebrity speakers, according to the National Speakers Association, and in 2008, he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.
  • The "Little Red Book of Selling" won the 2009 Audie Award, distinguishing it as the Best Business/Educational audiobook title of the year.
  • He received the IPPY Axiom Book Award Gold Medal in Sales for Customer Loyalty Concepts in 2008, due to his commitment to customer loyalty.
  • Beyond these accolades, Jeffrey has been a continuous source of inspiration. His books have hit the best-seller lists more than 750 times, and his insights are sought by sellers worldwide.

3 Highlights from Jeffrey's Augment Class

  1. On the Reality Rule of 10: “If you present to 10 people: two will buy, no matter what you do. Two will not buy, no matter what you do, or say. The other six people are on the fence, and they will buy or not buy as a result of what you say or don’t say. And a sale is always made - either you sell them on YES, or they sell you on no.”
  2. On Focusing on the Customer: “When a prospective customer calls you on the phone, and for some reason or another wants to buy – either they heard something good about you, or they read something about you, or they read something you wrote, or someone referred them to you – the odds are close to 95% in your favor that you can make a sale and build a relationship. Not bad odds.”
  3. On Being Assertive: “Don’t wing it. Prep your calls the night before. Know who you’re talking to, and anticipate their desires, their objections, and their hoped-for outcomes. If you don’t put in the work, someone else will win. The assertive equation must also contain undeniable value for the customer. You have to make them feel like it’s a perfect thing for them. When you combine your belief, your attitude, your preparation, your value, and your assertiveness, the outcome becomes predictable: more sales.
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