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Morin Oluwole: The Global Luxury Visionary

Theo Moret

23 Apr, 2024

2 min read

As a Silicon Valley-influenced Parisian-luxury expert, Morin Oluwole has built a distinct career in luxury and tech. Learn about her journey from Lagos to Paris and discover what sets Oluwole’s career apart.

Meet Morin Oluwole: The Multifaceted Luxury Maven

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Morin Oluwole’s early experiences span three continents, offering her an array of cultural insights. She went on to study at Stanford University as a Bill Gates Millennium Scholar, setting the foundation for her career in global luxury. Now in Paris, Morin is recognized as a luxury industry thought leader, working with organizations like Dior and Louis Vuitton.

A Glimpse Into Morin's Remarkable Career

From innovation hubs of Silicon Valley to the fashion center of Paris, Morin Oluwole has been a force to reckon with in the global luxury business. While she began her academic journey with a focus on human biology, she soon transitioned into business and management consulting. 

With her profound understanding of luxury brands, Morin has played an instrumental role in the global luxury division, shaping global marketing solutions that resonate with iconic brands like Louis Vuitton. Silicon Valley also noticed her success; she became a Business Lead and subsequently the Global Head of Luxury at a prominent tech company.

Fluent in four languages, Morin Oluwole is a frequent contributor to media platforms like Vogue Business, Luxury Society, and Journal du Luxe. With events, talks, and media appearances spanning from New York to Paris, Morin’s influence on the luxury and tech landscapes is firmly on a global scale.

Morin Oluwole teaching her Augment class.
Morin Oluwole teaching her Augment class.

3 Highlights from Morin's Augment Class

  1. On Brand Equity: “Brand equity is the level of recognition and sway that a brand name has in the minds of consumers. It’s the value of having a brand that is both identifiable and well regarded. The value of a product with brand equity is seen as greater than that of a brand without it, even if both products are identical.”
  2. On Brand Point of View (POV): “Having a strong brand POV increases relatability. It humanizes your brand, and gives it some personality so that customers can create a bond, an emotional connection, with your product and your company. At a very basic level, having a Brand POV sends a compelling message that helps you attract attention.”
  3. On Mentorship: “Finding a mentor is kind of like dating. You need to learn about the person and their personality — build and nurture the relationship over a long period of time. The mentor-mentee relationship evolves organically. Do not ask someone to be your mentor. Don’t try to make it official. Instead, focus on building a deep and lasting connection with the people you admire and to whom you look up.”
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